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  Tim and Kim

Hello everyone, My name is Jody I have been diffusing oils ... for about three years, I meet Kim and Tim ...I just wanted to know more about oils and how they work, and other ways to use them safely. This Led me ... Kim sent me to try for sleep.  ..  I have gone to ..
I have also started ... I was feeling within the first week.

Hello I am Amanda,
My life has changed from years of doctors and specialist in many states, Because of doTerra Essential Oils.  Now I have pain control and am not sleeping over 12 hours a day- living.
Looking forward to having you join our Team with Tim and Kim
 Supportive for growing my business with doTerra.

Hi I am Betty, 

I love using and Selling Essential Oils. Seeing peoples lives being changed is priceless. 

"After several disappointing experiences with other.. , Kim was a breath of fresh air.  Not only was she prompt to respond to our letters with multiple questions, she was a great guide through out the process  ..We HIGHLY recommend Kim for anyone  ...  very ethical and knowledgable ... and  beautiful human being inside and out."    (From: J W ]     Wednesday, June 01, 2016 9:47 AM)

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 Tim and Kim

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Date: June 2, 2020 at 7:57:02 AM EDT K.S.
"I have been acquainted in a work and business manner for several years with Tim and Kim Pike. I’m also very acquainted with them regarding their raising Shelties. Upon visiting their facility one can see a clean environment, well cared for animals, puppies are socialized to greet people in a friendly manner.
Tim and Kim are easy to work with, care about their products and care about people. Others health and wellness is very important to them.
 They put everything they can offer into helping others.  Dedicated about caring for what they are a part of.  They have been working with their community for years.  People come back for their services repeats over the years."

     K. S.     Michigan

"Their is also another very cool product that helps with mental focus and energy. It is called DDR prime and it works so well for having a drive for mental focus. If I miss a day of it I always wonder why i am foggy and don’t get much done. I have also been diagnosed with ADHD and it seems to help very well with this. "
       C. P.   


Customers Experiences with Kim and Tim and our Beautiful Oils

Donna G Says  "I have been using doTerra Essential Oils for 4 months & I would like to share the following information regard my experiences since starting with the oils. My husband was diagnosed with dementia 3 years ago. He was on 2 separate medications during that time. Neither did anything to alleviate the symptoms. And they had side effects. In my efforts to help my husband cope with the changes in his life I began searching for something different. My daughter suggested I participate in a zoom meeting regarding doTerra Essential Oils. Since watching the video I have tried several combinations of oils in the diffuser. Both daughters have commented on how much more calm he is. I had been & still do give him CBD Oil. (750 mg 1/2 eye dropper per day). Which did reduce his anxiety. But occasionally we would have a flare up of anxiety. For almost 2 months I have been using the diffuser 12 hrs. per day. (8- 10 drops of Adaptive, 8-10 drops of lavender, & 8-10 drops of Wild Orange). The girls & I have noticed he is far more consistent with being calm  & agreeable. There have been no occasional panic flare ups. I feel this is definitely related to the diffuser & the oils.  I am still trying new blends & oils in hopes of making him more comfortable in the world he now lives in.
Regarding myself. I suffered from Gerd & gut issues & was on medication for years.  Every morning I enjoy my 16 ounces of organic tea with 2-3 drops of DigestZen, 1-2 drops of lemon & 3-4 drops of peppermint. In only 2 months I was no longer taking any medication.  I will continue to learn more about the oils & how they can benefit my family with a happier healthy lifestyle. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me to learn about these wonderful oils. I am especially appreciative of Kim Pike who has been my "go to person".
This is my doTerra story to date. I will share more information as I continue to learn more about these wonderful products."      Donna G. ILL    
“I am happy to say Donna is slowly  stitching to more doTerra products in all areas of life and finding better support to everyday life from things she is sensitive to causing her side effect Facial cream gave her side effects. As she goes along, she will be also, changing her husband from the CBD products”.    Kim
Update: 1/17/21 As of December Donna has switched her husband to Copaiba. No more ordering cbd oil. Copaiba is showing the same support he had.. But in easy Capsule form. Results is proof and they find it more cost effective.


"I have found wonderful results with the Digestzen product. Their is a suspicion that I have a Hiatal hernia. If I have heartburn I usually can either drink with a small glass of water or put directly on my belly button and it will take most of if not all of my heartburn away and will work for hours on end. I’m completely amazed by how well these oils work and am thankful for them everyday. "
-C. P .  6/18/20

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" When I compare our experience to other families, I can see all the great job and time that Kim must have spent.
We definitely would recommend Kim to anybody.  "  
L & M-B B, Lower Michigan  Friday, May 08, 2020 3:03 PM

Hello from Kim & Tim. Looking forward to working with you.

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Hello from Kim & Tim. Looking forward to working with you.

Kim encourages you to learn about the Dangers of using PPI (Omeprazole) long term from Tim research.

Kim Says " I am so proud of him being off these PPI is a lot of relief nasty side effects he has dealt with for years now. Way to go, Thank You for making wise choices."
Now the before story. Kim Says " Tim has long to be off the PPI due to side effects. so did research on foods that heal and tried that option to get off PPI.. It was horrible! just horrible.. Miserable all night long.. so i got no sleep either. So when Tim told me he wanted to get off his PPI.. my heart sunk.. one part was yes. other part was NO not again.. miserable no eating foods.. sleep is horrible. Please know I love my husband and really want him to make steps to keep his life as healthy as he can. When he went off all those times before, it was like life was not living. so miserable for both of us. In Tim research you will see, that when a person first goes off PPI the stomach does not reach so well. Which is very interesting fact and means getting past the rough spot makes a huge difference. I am so happy to say! WOW! Can not believe the difference, Life is normal even after being off the PPI for some time now. Tim eats is favorite foods Spaghetti and Pizza! Even to the point of over eating. To my Happiness we both sleep at night "
For those whom have loved ones that you would like not to have side effects from  PPI. We are here to Help you!

What is Tim story PPi 

With so much information online about how to take care of our health, it can feel overwhelming to know what tools to use to make the biggest difference. Since using the most pure essential oils, we've found them to be incredibly powerful and helpful.
Tim says- My Acid-Reflux story- Long term side effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Natural solutions to counteract.
The number 3 most prescribed medication today is for treating GERD related issues. Studies indicate approximately 15% of all Americans suffer from these problems. Are you in that category?
15 years ago I (Tim) was diagnosed with GERD and was prescribed by my doctor, the PPI medication Omeprazole. To make matters worse, the doctors discovered I have a hiatal hernia which increases the likelihood of more acid being pushed up into the esophagus. So, of course I listened to my doctor, as we should, because the alternative was, if not treated correctly, a high risk of esophageal cancer. Not a good thing!
After a good friend told me PPI’s were not originally intended for long-term use, I wondered what the long-term side effects were. As you see in the video, they are potentially very dangerous especially if taken over a long period of time. 15 years I’m pretty sure qualifies as a long time. A couple of warnings I failed to mention in the video are, according to
1- In 2010, concern was raised about a link between cardiac defects and PPI use. The FDA stated that there wasn’t a statistical link for humans but studies in animals have confirmed the risk. Prilosec is currently listed as Pregnancy Category C and should not be taken by pregnant women.
2- In 2016, researchers concluded that PPI use may prematurely “age” cells of the vascular system. This may contribute to age-related illness such as dementia, renal failure, cardiovascular disease and cancer, though no definitive connection had been made.
For further information check out a report done by the Journal of American Medical Association in November of 2017 entitled: “Further evidence to Monitor long-term Proton Pump Inhibitor use.”
Who thinks a friend or family member should be ok with these side effect risks? Please comment your feelings and why?
My story actually starts about quite a while ago when I tried to take myself off the medication for acid reflux. It was miserable to put it mildly. After I did some research I found out why. Taken from it explains: “When you discontinue PPI’s (Proton Pump Inhibitors) there is a rebound gastric hyper-secretion in those who have been on them for prolonged periods of time.” Some experts say this could take between 4 weeks to 3 months to overcome. So then it made sense to me why I couldn’t break free from the medication.
My wife (Kim) around that time started using Essential Oils. If you’ve never heard of them, you’re not alone. I had never heard of them either. Growing up in a household where my mom was all about natural things, I was curious about these essential oils. However, my initial thought was, yeah they’re probably ok but I doubt they will work good enough to help me with my problems. I was skeptical, to be honest.
So here is where my story starts with essential oils. One night after dinner I had a severe stomachache and my wife prodded me to try an essential oil blend. I finally relented and she (Kim) put one drop in my navel. Within a short time the pain and discomfort was substantially subsiding, almost totally gone. It was one of those “what just happened?” moments.
Fast forward two months later. I made the decision to really put these Essential oils to the test. Could I take myself off the prescription medication and it actually work this time? For the first two weeks or so, I made sure to stay away from foods that I knew would create an issue including coffee. But about week three to four I really started testing it out. I started to drink one cup of coffee in the morning and had very little issue. Hallelujah! Don’t know about you all but I loves me a good cup of joe in the morning!. I’m happy to say the longer I take the Essential oil products the issue of acid reflux is less and less. In the past, when I took myself off the medication I couldn’t lay flat and I got very little sleep. Not so with the essential oils. I can lay flat and get a good nights sleep.
Are you suffering from these issues? Have you found this information interesting and/or beneficial? Hit like and make a comment. I’d love to hear from you. Would you like to hear more of the story? Message me and let’s chat. I’d love to help you find the potential relief you’re looking for in a natural way without the side effects. Do you have friends or family that have issues? Share the video with them so they can see the potential benefits.

Thank you all for reading this. For a free trial of essential oils click the link below.

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Certified - Wellness Specialist
"For many years I have dealt with health issues that leave me with a lack of energy. I have problems with balance and a feeling in my head that I don't know how to describe. I've had trouble standing or even sitting for very long so I was lying down most of the time, able to do very little.
Since I've been taking Do Terra products I have more energy and I'm able to do more things. I can stand and walk without having to hang on to something or someone.
   I have been using Vitality Pack, PB Assist and Terrazyme and On Guard Softgels.  Also   Lemon oil, Wild Orange oil, peppermint,   Balance, and In Tune. Digest Zen and Serenity.
   I'm not climbing mountains but I'm very hopeful for more improvement.
   I thank Tim and Kim for  introducing me to Do Terra .They have been so helpful in answering the many questions I have.      PJP  2020

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